Friday, June 26, 2015

The Penny Jar Story

Penny Jar Jewelry

The story of our Penny jewelry started with a jar of Pennies given to my son by his Grandpa.

The jar always sat on my Dads dresser and he would cash out his change and give it to my boys when we came for a visit. 

I think it started when we would come for The Spoon River Drive in October. We would go junking and buy all kinds of treasures. It didn't cost much back then to fill the car with great stuff !

When my dad passed away the jar went to my son Cody. Cody is my partner in jewelry making.

We found out that pennies are perfect for enameling. Out came the jar and Cody went through the change to find the older Pennies. 

It has been fun using our imagination to create earrings and pendants with the Pennies.

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